Identify the technical issues that may be causing your website to rank below your competitors.

Loading Speeds Reviewed
Content Issues Confirmed
HTTPS Security Protocols Installed
  Internal Linking Measured
  CSS and JS Errors Identified

Online success depends on how fine-tuned your website appears to search engines. 


An optimized website generally ranks higher and found easier on search engines when compared to a website that is not optimized:

  • Crawlability - All essential pages on your website need to first be accessible by search engines. Before working on other SEO related tasks, it’s crucial that Search Engines can index and rank your site first.
  • Site Performance - Web pages that load quickly and accurately are a major ranking factor, especially for mobile. This audit will help access your website’s overall loading speed.

As experts in Medical SEO, we find that most medical websites are not fully optimized. Knowing what is holding your website back from being fully optimized is the only way to beat your competitors to prospective patients.


seo-audit-issuesFind out how well your website is optimized by getting your Site Health Score.

This valuable audit will help you discover how your website is performing and where improvements can be made that will help boost traffic to your website, generate leads, and turn visitors into patients.